In-Floor Heating


Whether you’re wanting the comfort of a warm floor beneath your feet or looking to save money on your energy bill, in-floor heat installed by Binder Heating is a great solution for your home.

What is hydronic in-floor heating?

At Binder Heating, we’re experienced in installing and servicing hydronic in-floor heat. A hydronic system uses a boiler to heat water and then moves the water through tubing installed below the floor. The boiler system offers you flexibility because it can run on a variety of energy sources, such as electricity, gas, or propane.

Benefits of In-Floor Heat

  • Even heat distribution
  • More energy efficient and cost effective
  • Disperses fewer allergens
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Quiet system without fans or blowers

In-Floor Heat Installation

Installing heated floors in your home offers a lot of design flexibility. You can choose to install your system below carpet, hardwood, laminates, vinyl, and more.

If you’re considering in-floor heat, contact our team and we’ll send a experienced technician to consult on options and provide installation recommendations tailored to your unique space.